Lissa Rose Co is a place for motivated momma bears who find life to be a little overwhelming (or, a lot overwhelming) and are determined to make 👏 it 👏 easy 👏 again.

There are no tricks, no secrets, no “perfect” parenting style, and I’m no person to give advice about that.

What I can do is share my experiences, talk about what I do day-to-day that helps, and hope that somewhere a mom like you will find the inspiration to put her best foot forward every day.

I’m all about self-care, self-improvement, and self-motivation.

Sounds selfish, right?

But…I’m learning that when you take care of yourself, you can take care of your family with a whole lot less effort. It’s true what they say, “When mom’s happy, everybody’s happy.”

So that’s what I’m after here.

If you are, too, let’s get to know each other better.

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About Melissa

I’m Melissa - a mom to a sweet little girl, Alaina, and her handsome younger brother, Alex. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Marco, whom I met at the incredibly awkward age of 14. I had no idea who I was, thought I knew everything, and believed I would be a New York Times best-selling author by, like, 20.

Side note: the "Co" in Lissa Rose Co is not intended to be "company;" it was actually just a clever way for me to include my husband's name into this website.

Together, we're a silly bunch.  We spend our nights dancing in our kitchen and chasing each other around the house.  We love to play hide and seek and prank each other. We laugh loudly, hug like the Tanners, and still lose our minds about a hundred times a day.

(But that's parenting, amiright?)

Deep down, I'm a lover for the creative arts.  I get wildly inspired by good photography, pops of color, and sans serif fonts. I also recently have a major appreciation for aromatherapy. In fact, I replaced all my perfumes with essential oils. Joy, peace & calming, and bergamot are my faves.

I love deep cleaning, watching YouTube, and taking long car rides. I don’t love putting away laundry, driving in the snow, or waking up past 9 AM.

I also believe wholeheartedly that life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.


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