I'm Melissa - a mommy to a sweet little girl (we'll call her Elle), and her handsome little brother (AJ).  I got married in 2016 to my high school sweetheart, Marco, who is the most supportive, hardworking man I could ever ask for.

Side note: the "Co" in Lissa Rose Co is not intended to be "company;" it was actually just a clever way for me to include my husband's name into this website.

Together, we're a silly bunch.  We spend the rare nights we have together dancing in our kitchen and chasing each other around the house.  We love to play hide and seek and prank each other.  We laugh loudly, hug like the Tanners, and still lose our minds about a hundred times a day.

(But that's parenting, amiright?)

  Welcome to LRC.  Pleased to meet you. :)

Welcome to LRC.  Pleased to meet you. :)

Deep down, I'm a lover for the creative arts.  I get wildly inspired by good photography, pops of color, and sans serif fonts. I'm a total graphic design nerd.

In fact, this blog was initially born to teach new bloggers how to design and brand like a boss, but...

When it came down to it, there are 3 things in my life that bring me major happiness.

1. my family

2. creating + designing

3. taking on projects

Because my family is my number one source of happiness, I couldn't cut them out of this project.

And so blossomed Lissa Rose Co, a place for moms who want to live a happier, easier, prettier life.

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