20 Special Ways to Show Your Husband You Appreciate and Love Him Madly

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My husband, Marco, came home today about 4 in the morning after a long, soul-sucking shift at a job he hates. He put in overtime on Saturday to get out on time last night, but of course things didn’t go as planned, and he pulled yet another 12-hour day instead.

He came home and without his usual greeting of a kiss, he said to me, “I hate my job.”

I didn’t react then because I was half asleep, but I kept his words with me this morning and decided today I would do something to show him how much he’s appreciated for working so hard for us. And even more than that, I will show him every day in a new, special way.

LoveyourHusband20 (2) (1).png

He deserves the recognition but also the motivation. Perhaps me doing this will help him get through his days easier... I don’t know, but I’m willing to try.

Update: He has since quit that job and accepted a way less tiring position, and having him home the extra hours has been too amazing to even put into words. But moving on...

Kindness can’t hurt, and so I put together a list of ideas that we can creatively show our husbands how much we love and care about them because effort is a two-way street and we can be romantic, too!

Here are 20 simple ways to show your stressed-out husband how much you love and appreciate him:

  1. Rub a sore part of his body unexpectedly. (This is what I did… I grabbed my Daily Define body massage oil and massaged his feet, which he always complains hurts him. He loved it and thanked me for it twice.)

  2. Wrap up a present and have it waiting for him when he returns home from work. Don’t attract any attention to it… just let him find it.

  3. Place a love note in his car.

  4. Find a copycat recipe of his favorite restaurant meal and cook it for him at home.

  5. Bring him a pillow and blanket and offer him a nap.

  6. Take over a chore he usually takes care of. (In my house, this is collecting all the trash and having it ready and outside the night before garbage day.)

  7. If he usually is the one to drive, get behind the wheel before him and let him enjoy the passenger seat.

  8. Step away from a distracting moment and go find him. Hug him, tell him you love him.

  9. Send him a link to a video or article that reminds you of him.

  10. Show up at his lunch break with the kids and a hot meal.

  11. Tell him how great you have it with him.

  12. Invite over his friends or give him the night off.

  13. Set up a surprise date and pre-plan all the details of the day without him knowing any part of it.

  14. Buy him scratch-off lottery tickets and hide them in places around the house you know he visits often.

  15. Put his needs first for the day and tend to his wants.

  16. Let him sleep in.

  17. Do that thing around the house he’s been procrastinating on.

  18. Hit snooze a time or two and allow that time for cuddling.

  19. Put a hot towel around his neck and massage his head and temples.

  20. Think about one thing you would love for him to surprise you with...and do that for him.

And hey, while you’re in the mood for spreading love and kindness, reach beyond your husband and go the extra mile for your kids, too. It could be the perfect way show how blessed you feel to be a part of their life.

Maybe they will even return the love back onto you. :)

What are your favorite ways to surprise your husband and kids? ↓↓↓ comment below!

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