20 Simple Ways To Be A Better Mom Today

Disclaimer:  You’re already a great mom… just in case you didn’t know that or are just having one of those days where it helps to be reminded.

If it is one of those days, first of all, I’m sorry.  I know too well how that feels.  Simple tasks become big hurdles, and the challenges have you watching the clock just hoping the day ends quickly.  I’ve been there, trust me.

Those days happen to everyone, and it’s OK to feel overwhelmed.

What’s not totally OK is to let that overwhelm be the last emotion you feel today.

I know it’s easier said than done, but you’ve gotta shake it off.  

BetterMom (1).png

You owe it to yourself and your kids to loosen up, open your mind + let in some fun!  Forget the messy living room.  Forget the dishes.  Those chores can wait.  Instead, just be where you are.  Live the moment with your children who want nothing more than to spend a little bit of ridiculous fun with you.  

Here are 20 simple ways to refocus + Feel like a better mom today:  

  1. Have a dance party

  2. Silence all the media -- turn off TVs, phones, iPads, tablets, etc. and talk to each other

  3. Build a tower with blocks

  4. Draw pictures

  5. Play a game

  6. Go for a walk or play outside

  7. Practice yoga

  8. Play hide and seek

  9. Snuggle

  10. Teach them something new

  11. Play follow the leader

  12. Have a tickle war

  13. Read a book

  14. Play dress up

  15. Finger paint

  16. Cook a new recipe

  17. Play “I spy” around the house

  18. Reverse roles: you imitate your child’s every move

  19. Avoid saying “no” or “stop”

  20. Express to your child how much they mean to you

These ideas are so simple but will make such a big impact.  

Kids by nature are such spontaneous, imaginative, curious people, and moms are often busy, distracted, and rushed. Show them today that chores are less important, that the TV isn’t the only way to entertain, and that no matter how challenging the day gets, connecting with them will always be your highest priority.

How do you refocus?  What ideas can you add to this list?  ↓↓↓

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