Get Ready With Me: Six Beauty Products To Try This Year

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One of the goals I set recently was to get ready every single day, no matter what.  It doesn’t matter if I have big plans or small plans or no plans, I have to get ready.  Why? Because when I look my best, I feel my best.  

Maybe it’s a shallow thing, or maybe it’s just a mental thing, but my appearance has a big impact on my mood.  When I look crappy, I feel crappy, and when I dress up and fix my hair and makeup, I feel happier and more motivated.  It's pretty obvious to me how they go hand in hand.  Plus, I enjoy the 30 minutes to myself to play around with different looks.

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Over the last several months I've tried plenty of skincare and beauty products, but I haven't loved anything enough to buy it a second time, until now!  I'm by no means an expert when it comes to hair and makeup so my technique isn't good enough to be able to use any ol' thing. I have to really rely on good quality stuff.  The products I’m about to mention really surprised me with how well they work and how long they last.  They make getting ready fun + simple, which are both things I need in my hectic life.

Below are My 6 Current Favorite BEauty Products:


1.  The Wet Brush

Before I had my babies, my hair was so easy to manage and pretty much pin straight.  I never had to use anything special to tame it.  However… after my babies, my hair is constantly knotty.  I've tried combs, soft bristle brushes, hard bristle brushes, no brushes --  absolutely nothing worked to detangle my hair EXCEPT for the wet brush.  I don't know what the magic is in this little tool, but it seriously does wonders.  It’s the only brush I’ve tried that can comb out my hair without a product’s help, which saves me both time and money.

2.  Victoria's Secret TEASE Perfume

This perfume not only smells irresistible, but it actually stays on all day.  One of my biggest annoyances with body sprays is that the scent is gone after an hour.  With Tease, I can literally smell it on my scarf three days later, which is perfect because I don't have to use so much of it.  I just got this bottle and I bet it will last me 'til next Christmas. 

3.  Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Skin Booster

If you're looking for a good facial moisturizer, you have to try this. I knew immediately I was going to like it because it's a thin, clear gel and it just feels weightless.  You know how some moisturizers are creamy and leave a thick residue almost? This doesn’t do that.  Instead, it  glides right over your skin.  It's instantly hydrating and although the packaging doesn't say this, I find that it makes an excellent primer for makeup.

4.  L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

For an $8 cheapie mascara, this works really good.  I don't have long eyelashes whatsoever, and I currently don't own a curler, so I struggle with trying to make mine visible.  I don't know if it's because I "prime" my lashes first by dabbing them with the tip of the brush, but this is the ONLY mascara I have ever purchased twice.  In my whole life.  That says a lot!

5.  Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray

Firstly, this Guts bottle I have is huge and is going to last a very long time.  Secondly, it's able to lift hair quickly without any special styling.  I like it because it smells good, does its job, and lasts all day.  I can't really compare it to other volume sprays out there since I haven't given many a try, but this one works so well, I don't have any reason to test more out.  

6.  Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Make Up Foundation

I ordered this impulsively after watching Kristee Vetter's Christmas List Wish vlogmas video.  (Side note: if you're looking to obsess over any one's life soon, she's your girl!)  Her foundation always looks so flawless and smooth.  It gives her an even skin tone and blocks all the redness on her face -- something I needed in a foundation.  So, I bought it and got a few little freebies from Ulta (aka Vichy Mineral 89) and fell in love!  It really adds to a polished, finished look, and it's so easy to blend.  I totally recommend this product if you're willing to pay a little more than drug-store prices. 

I’m also totally excited because arriving tomorrow are my Vanity Planet Oval Makeup Brushes (also impulsively purchased because of Kristee Vetter’s influence!) and I cannot wait to use them.  I’m slowly trying to ease into makeup a little more and build a collection of good products.  Normally I toss whatever is old/don’t use much anymore, but everything I mentioned above will definitely keep its place in my vanity.  I’ll do a review later on about the VP brushes, but for now, these are all my favorite beauty products I recommend.

What are yours? ↓↓↓

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