Make Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions A Reality (+ Free Printable Calendar)

The new year is here!

As the cliche (and title) suggests, this post is all about setting goals for the new year.  What do you want to accomplish this year? Who do you want to become? What goals do you absolutely want to crush?

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Me? I have plenty.  

I’m a natural go-getter, but I’m gonna be honest, I kinda wasted the past two years as far as chasing my goals.  I let myself get entirely wrapped up in raising my kiddos (and understandably so!), but I didn’t allow any time to myself.  Like, at all.

This year I’m trying to change that.  I’m ready to get focused and finally say that I’ve made my new years resolutions a reality (and when I say my new year’s resolutions, I’m talking about from 2016…) #fo'realthough

You too? Download the worksheet below.

Some things I want to achieve this year:

  1. Adopt a healthier lifestyle

  2. Grow and maintain this blog

  3. Become more self-aware

  4. Dedicate more precious time to my husband + our kids

While those are pretty vague (I have written real, specific goals for each), I have the same plan to make each of them a reality this year.

Here is what you can do to ensure your new year’s resolutions become your reality:

1. Write down your goals.

Like, physically write them down.  With pen and paper, and write them down several times.  Don’t underestimate the power of doing this.  

2.  Make sure they’re SMART.

Specific...Measurable...Achievable...Realistic...and Timely. In other words, an "unsmart" goal would be to win the lottery this year since it’s not very realistic or attainable.  If your goal is to make extra money, a smarter goal would be “to put in 8 extra hours of work per week.”  

3.  Set periodic “check-ins”

Make sure you’re holding yourself accountable, and check in with yourself! If you know you want to lose 25 pounds in six months, then in 3 months, report to yourself.  Are you still on track?  Do you need to make adjustments?  Make sure you have a plan.

4. Have a plan of action

Answer your “what” with a “how.”  What: to lose weight.  How: drink 120 oz of water a day, exercise 4x a week, and stay within 1800 calories a day.

5.  Keep to yourself

Science proves that goals are much more likely to be achieved when they’re kept private.  So rather than shouting out to all your Facebook friends that you’re going to save $10,000 this year, just keep it on the down low and go back to step 1.  :)

6.  Create a vision board + stay motivated

Let your vision board speak to you… Focus on feelings.  How will losing weight make you feel?  How will saving tons of money and paying off debt make you feel?  Consider those impacts regularly and take a moment every day to reflect on your board + your progress.

Opt-IN GoalCrusher (1).png

As a free gift to you, I created this goal crusher worksheet to hold yourself accountable, stay motivated, write a plan of action, dig into why it's important to you, and really set yourself up for success. 

Let's all kick some serious butt this year and knock our goals out of the park. 

Tell me about them below.  ↓↓↓

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