Why You Need to Date Your Husband + 25 Date Night Ideas

Dating your husband is so important, I can’t even begin to say how much.  

Especially when you have children.

We invest all our energy into our babes, making sure they’re fed, bathed, put to bed, entertained...all day long. Does the working ever really stop?

I like to say being a mom is a job you clock in for, but never clock out of. It can be exhausting and draining if you never give yourself the break you need…like alone time with your husband...

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So moms, wives -- I challenge you to refocus your energy just once a month and get to know the man you married again. Whether you believe it or not, he’s changed since the day you married him.  Do you still know his pet peeves? His latest interests? His work problems? Actually, scratch that last one...that’s probably the thing you know most about him.  Amiright??

I want to bet, though, that when you first started dating, stress in the workplace wasn’t the hot topic of conversation.

You probably shared things like ambitions, fears, passions, jokes.  His company and conversation was the best you ever had.  I mean, that’s why you married him!

But does it still feel that way? Do things still feel as giddy as they first were? Do you hug as often? Kiss? Laugh?

My guess is most of you will say no...understandably. You have a lot more going on than you used to.  But the problem with that is, you’re neglecting a huge part of you that made you feel whole.

The same person who blessed you with your home and happiness and family is now the person who feels most detached from it all.  It’s a little depressing and a big upset when you actually realize it, but it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Dating your husband has so many benefits.

Just one date night a month can lead to better stress management; more satisfaction in the bedroom; a more focused, positive attitude; weight loss (yep, it’s true!); closer relationships for the family; and so much more.  And speaking of family, your kids will also benefit!

I know so many of us feel as if going out for a night is selfish.  After all, we work all week and have only two days to spend together as a family.  Yet we send our kids away to be with a babysitter while we go out for drinks...It seems selfish, right?  

But it’s not! It’s in fact the opposite on so many levels.

When married couples prioritize their marriage, they become happier.  And happier couples create happier homes which in turn make for happy kids.  By dating your husband, you will show your children what a strong, healthy relationship entails.  

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You will model to them that you take care of the things you love, and you make time for them as well...despite how busy and stressed you are.

For 2018, my husband and I vow to each other to make date night a priority, and I challenge all of you to do the same.

Once a month, every month, get dressed up, go someplace new, and have fun!

Want 25 date night ideas? Download the free printable below. 

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