Starting A Blog? Use a Mood Board To Get Your Design Right The First Time

Colors.  Textures.  Shapes.  Fonts.  Sizes.

All these things fit into your aesthetic -- your idea of what’s beautiful and appealing.

For me, I like bold.  I love pops of colors, I love clean lines and contrast.  I love sans serif fonts like this one, and I love pink.  But I also love a break from the boldness once in a while and find myself leaning toward the blush tones and soft pastels.  Either way, that’s my aesthetic.  (I know, I know, that’s not the “correct” way of using the term, but that's OK!) Rarely do I find myself pulled into dark graphics or really busy design.  I’m more, “less is more.”

MoodBoard (1).png


But honestly, I didn’t have a good grip on my likes until I created a mood board on my Pinterest. Once I did, I found creating designs and branding my website was so much easier.  That’s because I imitated the patterns I saw.  I chose a color scheme, font family, and overall tone based on what I knew was appealing to me (and hopefully my audience.)

Here’s a look at my mood board:

The most consistent thing I noticed were the colors pink, teal, and yellow, so it’s no wonder why I chose them to represent my color scheme.  I also noticed I’m drawn to white-black contrast, which I use a little bit with my icons and images.

Without my mood board, I probably would have spent a ton of time branding my site and then changing it several times thereafter.  (I’m totally guilty of this on past blogs.)  It’s frustrating and a total waste of time.

That’s why you need a mood board, too!  Avoid the confusion and get it right the first time.

There’s a couple ways you can do this.  I prefer to use Pinterest because I love everything digital and the site has no limitations, but literally pinning photos and magazine cut-outs to a cork board work all the same.  The nice thing about that option is that it’s physical and tangible, and it can make a great home office focal point.

However you do it, it’s important to understand what appeals to you…for your blog, business, AND personal life.  

If you don’t have a blog, you can still benefit in so many ways by surrounding yourself with colors and styles you like.  Ultimately, they will lead to a happier, more productive you.  And if you do have a blog, you’ll attract the audience you relate to, which will help boost engagement like you wouldn’t believe.

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