6 Inexpensive, Must-Have Baby Products for Moms

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Back when I got pregnant with my first baby in 2015, I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the amount of products out there claiming to be must-haves.  I didn’t have the money nor the space to possibly have them all.  It gave me such a headache thinking about it.  

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Now as a mom to two, I can confidently say most products are mere luxury and only some are actual must-haves.  (Don’t be fooled!)

Here are 6 baby products I personally find to be absolute lifesavers as a new mom:

1. The BabyBjorn Carrier

Oh, how I love this thing...especially with two kids!  The BabyBjorn Carrier gives me the freedom to do things with both hands while still carrying my baby snugly at my chest, which alone has amazing bonding and emotional benefits. If you have two kids or even one really active baby, this could be your solution to hectic, overwhelming days.  I know it has been for me.

2.  The Wubbanub Pacifier

These pacifiers take the cake for me because they're the only ones on the market that match the same style and softness as the ones received in the hospital.  As newborns, my kids would accept nothing else. 

Wubbanubs comes with an attached stuffed animal to add weight and is the perfect size for their little hands to snuggle.  They’re also super cute, so that is perk, too, but the main reason I say it’s a must-have is because they are unlike typical pacifiers in that they are so easy to find! Long gone are the days of missing pacifiers and whiny babies who want them.  Win, win!

3. Rock n Play

I laugh that I’m including this on my list.  When I first saw it, I rolled my eyes and asked myself if the market would ever stop telling moms they need this and this, and this, too!! It was all so much, it made my head spin.  

But honestly, the Rock n Play came free to me so I gave it a go and it’s been my savior.  It is so freakin’ lightweight and easy to fold that it makes it incredibly easy to move around the house or on-the-go.  I only recommend this automatic one, though.  It’s a little more pricey but for very good reason… it rocks itself! No middle-of-the-night rocking = more sleeping. Can you go wrong?

4.  Aden Anais Blanket

Two words: thin and huge.  These blankets are perfect for swaddling and will keep your baby cool at night, unlike traditional swaddle blankets which babies outgrow so fast and can sometimes overheat in. With the Aden Anais blankets, I don't have to worry about that.

5.  Vicks Color-Changing Thermometer

I trust this Vicks thermometer for a very good reason: My sister who is a pediatric nurse said this is the only home thermometer she trusts.  It takes only a few seconds to read and has a nice large, digital display.  It also changes color to represent the severity of the fever.  Green means no fever, orange means slightly elevated, and red indicates high-grade.

6.  Phillips Avent Pre-Measured Formula Containers

Ah, this one.  I love this product like you wouldn’t believe.  

With it’s pre-measured scoops of formula, I can take this anywhere I go and easily prepare a bottle on demand.  BUT, I love it even more because I keep one on my nightstand with pre-measured bottles and I don’t even have to get out of bed at night to feed my baby.  It’s the first genius idea I had as a mom.  :) These Avent containers are seriously the ultimate lifesaver for formula-fed babies and their moms.

And that concludes my list!  There are other items I love, but these are the ones I find absolutely essential.  They truly made being a new mom so much easier and less challenging.

I’d love to know if you agree, or disagree!  What are your favorite must-have baby products?

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