At Home Sunday Self-Care Routine for A Better Week Ahead

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I just spent my whole day (literally whole day) cleaning and shaping up my home. It’s now 9:30 pm and I am sitting for the first time today. My feet are tired, my back is sore, and I expected to feel really worn down, but I actually feel pretty darn good.

That’s because I made time for my Sunday self-care routine which helps me feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I started this routine as part of New Years resolutions, and I chose Sunday’s specifically because I wanted something to help me beat the Sunday blues. You know what I’m talking about…

SundayNightRoutine (1).png

Below are 7 things I (try to) do every Sunday to help me jumpstart myself for the week ahead and to give gratitude to myself for getting through another week. I think it’s important to acknowledge yourself because we spend so much time focusing on our other family members that it's nice to pencil in a few moments for yourself at the end of the day.

Sunday Self-Care Routine

1. Wash your bedding + other linens

Sunday’s are naturally lazy days, which is why I recommend stripping your bed right after you get out of it and throwing everything in the washer. This will help keep you from wanting to crawl back into bed, but also give you a reason to feel accomplished at the end of the day when get to lay in it — freshly clean and made. And after you complete all the next steps of this routine, your bed will be that pretty little cherry on top. I promise you, you will have an amazing night’s sleep and wake up ready to move on Monday morning. 

2. Make your shower “extra”

I don’t just mean an extra long shower. I mean, use a special shampoo and conditioner that really feels luxurious to you. Use shaving cream on your legs, or a deep conditioning treatment in your hair. Light a few candles, turn off the lights, play Native American music or smooth jazz. Whatever helps you relax, let that be part of your “extra” shower on Sunday evenings. If you’re like me, you probably don’t have time during the week to do any of that extra stuff, and that’s OK. That’s what makes it all the more special when you shower with intention at the end of the week.

3. Cleanse your skin and treat it with a mask

Treat yourself to a mini spa experience right at home. I absolutely love sheet masks for this because they have longer wear times in comparison to clay ones. This watermelon sheet mask is my personal favorite for it’s intense hydration (only $2.50 at Walmart). It can be worn for up to 20 minutes and then you just remove the sheet and rub any remaining gel into your skin. I love that it doesn’t have to be washed off, so it doesn’t make a mess. It also brightens your skin and smells amazing.


4. Moisturize

With the idea of being “extra” still in mind, I totally recommend using a special moisturizer for those self-care nights. During the week, I use Vaseline brand, but I save my Bath and Body works stress relief eucalyptus & spearmint lotion for Sunday’s. I love aromatherapy, and I swear by this lotion. It adds a cooling effect that will wake up your senses and leave you feeling totally relaxed.

5. Paint your toes

I don’t know about you but having polish on my toenails helps me feel more put together. It’s also just nice to save money on pedicures by doing this myself every week. I first massage my feet for a minute or two with that above mentioned aloe lotion, cut my nails, and then polish them. If this is something you don’t worry about too much or don’t feel like it would be relaxing to you, try finding something you can replace it with that speaks to you.

6. Drink 16 oz of lemon water

I tend to miss my water goals on the weekends just because I’m too busy doing other things. By intentionally drinking 16 oz of lemon water during my self-care routine, I remind myself that tomorrow I have to be on my A game. I also just love the kick the lemon gives it. It’s refreshing, replenishes electrolytes for more energy, and adds flavor if you’re not a huge fan of drinking water by itself. I’m considering adding chamomile tea to this list to aid in sleeping, but I’m not a tea girl just yet. It is a goal, though!

7. Show yourself gratitude

You can do this in a number of ways, and you don’t have to make it complicated. Doing something as simple as smiling to yourself in the mirror can make a big impact in the long run. You can also write down affirmations or compliment yourself. I like to use the Grateful app for this. I write down 3 things that I’m grateful for and I add a picture to help document my day. It’s great for looking back on and also for having a positivity log of all the things I want to remember. It’s 100% free. I highly recommend it!


Some other ideas you can mix in to your self-care routine include:

  • read

  • journal

  • drink a glass of your favorite wine

  • do a guided meditation (I recommend this one for visualization and manifestation!)

  • take a walk

  • exercise

  • treat yourself to an aromatic bath with essential oils or a detox bath

  • write down or reassess your goals

  • watch your favorite show/movie

I hope these ideas help inspire you to create your own self-care routine and also help break through your Sunday blues. Wake up with intention, go to sleep with satisfaction. You got this!

If you already have your own regimen or can suggest ideas not including here, please share in the comments below! I’m always looking for ways to take care of my mind and body. The more ideas, the better. 🙂

Take care!