The 1 Phrase To Say To Your Child To Stop Their Temper Tantrum Effectively

As a fairly new mom (my oldest is only two), I struggled quite a bit trying to figure out how the heck you handle temper tantrums.

I’m talkin’ the ones you have no idea where it even came from. The ones that lead to screaming and hitting and stomping for no good reason, and nothing seems to work to calm them.

I tried it all: spanking, time-outs, counting to three, using a soft tone, using a stern tone, everything… and yet nothing seemed to crack her. Time after time, tantrum after tantrum,  my husband and I felt so defeated, and we wondered if we’d ever learn how to handle her fits effectively.

Then one day, it clicked. I discovered the magic phrase.

LRCStopTantrums-MakeAGoodChoice (3) (1).png

I looked at my daughter calmly as she jumped up and down in frustration, and I got down at her level and I said to her:

“Make a good choice.”

I didn’t know it then, but that phrase was about to change my relationship with my daughter in the best way possible.

By giving her the freedom to decide what her next move was, I gave her the confidence to make the better choice. She already knew what I wanted her to do, but she didn’t know it was what she wanted to do until I made it her choice rather than demanding her.

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Now I can’t guarantee it will work for your kids as great as it did mine because all children are different and need to be approached in special ways, but I say hey, it’s worth the shot!

Saying “make a good choice” is better than “stop it” because:

  • It promotes positivity

  • It gives your child a sense of autonomy (or, in other words, independence)

  • It’s encouraging

  • It demonstrates that all choices have consequences -- some good, some bad -- and you control it

And the best part about it? It just kinda feels good.

It feels better than spanking or giving a time out or yelling back to show you’re the boss. This phrase gives you the control over the situation while entrusting your child to do the same.

I really have found it to be super effective and totally awesome. You should try it and let me know the reactions.

And, if there is a magical phrase or one-liner that works for you and your kids, please comment and tell me. 

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