Switching to Squarespace Opened Up a World of Opportunity I Didn’t Have on Wordpress

When I first learned the basics of web design in college, I had to learn everything by code. I knew right away that kind of design wasn’t for me. It was too technical, too boring, too complex. I am a visual learner, and writing code inside a large plain white box just wasn’t doing it for me.

That’s kind of how I feel about Wordpress.

Lissa Rose Co Wordpress vs Squarespace Web Design

Wordpress had some cool things about it like their boat loads of plug-ins for example, but what it didn’t have was the thing I was looking so damn hard for… and which, coincidentally, was the same thing Squarespace had all along.


What do I mean by Squarespace gave me freedom?

I mean my design opportunities and my ability to manipulate themes to match my brand personality were endless.

I didn’t feel so limited anymore!

At the beginning of my blogging journey (on WP), I purchased a beautiful theme but after a month, I felt like I needed to purchase a new one because there were so few options for me to make it my own. I thought a new theme would help, but all I did was waste $80 to have the same problem.

And because I was so intimidated by writing my own code, I had a website that looked exactly like everybody else’s who shared my theme. That was a big problem for me not only because I couldn’t stand out, but because the theme wasn’t “me.”

If you have the same problem, you really oughta consider switching to Squarespace.

Unless you’re a CSS expert and a master at code, which I’m not, then Wordpress won’t benefit you much. You’ll have way more opportunity to channel your inner creative on a site like Squarespace.

Let’s talk about some of the differences between Wordpress and Squarespace.

Wordpress is best for:

  • Advanced and experienced web designers/developers

  • People who understand html code + CSS style sheets and can inject them without fear

  • Or, people who want their hosting and web domain providers to be separate from each other

Whereas, Squarespace is best for:

  • Beginner and intermediate designers and bloggers

  • Visual learners

  • People who prefer to have everything provided for under one roof like domain and hosting

  • Or, people who love drag and drop options and want to avoid the fear of changing up code, or simply don’t know how

But I heard that Squarespace themes have no competition against the whole marketplace of themes in Wordpress?

This is true. However, like I said before, unless you have the skills to manipulate those themes, you’re stuck having your site appear exactly like the preview. Sure, you can change things like colors and fonts, but you’re limited on options as far as placements of things, like header and logo, social icons… that sort of thing.

With Squarespace, your theme is kind of just a starting point. You can move elements all around, create a cover page, change the padding to add contrast or minimalism. There are so many options, and I feel like I could create anything with all the freedom.

Just use this link as an example. ← It's the preview for my theme.

Tell me, does my website look anything like that? Nope! But when I was a Wordpress user, the side by side would look cringingly close.


So, here’s the takeaway.

Squarespace challenges my creativity and allows me to feel in control of my content and website. Wordpress only left me feeling boxed in and unhappy. It totally affected my motivation to continue, and eventually I lost interest, so I stopped blogging.

That was my first mistake. Now that I’m exclusively on Squarespace, I feel so excited to keep going.  If that’s how you feel or if you’re still on the fence on switching, just know that now is a great time to.

Plus Squarespace is just so easy to use, it really is, and they offer a free 14-day trial period where you can completely build your site, learn the ropes, and design your theme the way you want it...not the way a developer says it should be. Best part? You don't even have to enter a credit card. It is completely risk-free.

If you're still debating, what’s your reason why? I wanna know! ↓↓↓

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