6 Female YouTube Channels I Watch Religiously for Motivation

YouTube is my favorite “me-time” activity.

That probably sounds weird, but like some people loving watching TV or reading books, I love to set up my laptop and tune into my favorite vloggers during mindless “me-time.”

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Whether I’m cleaning, doing my hair and makeup, or just cooking breakfast before the kids wake up, I enjoy the background noise of these 6 women who I aspire to be like (for different reasons.)

Here is my list of female YouTube channels to watch for an instant boost in mood and motivation:

  1. Amy Landino  - for productivity and time-saving

  2. Jordan Page - for parenting and budgeting (she is KILLING IT, ya’ll)

  3. Sierra Schultzzie - for body positivity and fashion advice

  4. Whitney Simmons - for health and fitness

  5. Kristee Vetter - for health and authenticity

  6. Blair Lamb - for home, cleaning, and slow living

Amy Landino of Amy TV

Amy is majorly influential. She is young, professional, accomplished, enviously organized.. she has her shit together, basically. I love her channel because she motivates me to wake up early and optimize my time. Because of her, I established my own morning routine I can’t believe I ever lived without. If you feel like you’re always in a rush or wishing you had more time, I highly recommend checking her out. It’s amazing what you can accomplish during the hours you’d otherwise spend sleeping. 

Favorite videos:

Jordan Page of Fun, Cheap, or Free

Ah, Jordan Page. She’s a breath of fresh air! What I love most about her channel is her back story. She had a rough past which included high debt, unemployment, and the pressure to build a savings fast. She taught herself how to budget and live a life so frugally that she discovered total freedom for her family (6 kids!). Through her story, she helps women struggling with their own. I found her by accident, but I am so glad I did.

Favorite videos:

Sierra Schultzzie

As someone who isn’t into fashion as much as I wish I was, I didn’t think I’d follow Sierra as much as do. She is such a positive person. Her energy is electric, and I love her channel for that reason. When I’m feeling uninspired or down about myself, I know what I need is one of her videos. She is all about styling different body types, loving your curves, and being fearless in your skin. On top of that, her videos are really entertaining and produced in a way I’ve never quite seen before. They feel more like episodes rather than merely YouTube videos. She loves her job and it shows. Huge fan!

Favorite videos:

Whitney Simmons of Get Fit with Whit

When I first began my health and fitness journey, I searched tirelessly through videos trying to find someone relatable for inspiration. While Whitney didn’t have a weightless story to tell per se, she had a personality I really clicked with. She’s bubbly, giddy, and starts every video with “it’s a beautiful day to be alive.” I enjoy her for her silliness, but also for her meal ideas, workout plans, and mood boosters.

Favorite videos:

Kristee Vetter

I found Kristee’s videos during Vlogmas 2017. She had just began her own health journey and she hooked me right away. Her videos are a little less structured than everyone I listed above, but I find her vids to be helpful nonetheless. She is unapologetically her, really entertaining, and invites you into her life like a best friend. 

Favorite videos:

Blair Lamb of Blair Blogs

Blair is a sweet, soft spoken woman who runs an Etsy shop, takes incredible care of her home and husband, and manages to upload videos for all us to see as well. She doesn’t have a channel that necessarily focuses on spreading motivation, but she inspires you to pick up some slack when you see how put together her life is — though she humbly tells us it’s not all as perfect as it seems.

Favorite videos:

What do they all have in common?

Positivity, self-improvement, and authenticity.

I can’t tell you all how much these women have influenced my life for the better. They keep me motivated and inspired to really go after my goals and remember why I started in the first place.

If you feel like you could increase your productivity, better manage your finances, or be kinder to your mind and body, these are all great places to start.

Can you recommend any YouTubers yourself? I love to grow my list of favorites. 🙂 Comment below, please!