Dear Reader (3).png

Does the phrase, “I’ll be happy when..” sound familiar to you? Like, “I’ll be happy when I have more money.” or “I’ll get healthy when I have more time” or, one I’m seriously guilty of, “I’ll do work I love for a living when I’m no longer stuck in my situation anymore.” Any of it?

If so, then I’m talking to you.

Whatever your version of “happy” is, whether it means more money, a better job, buying a house, building a family, or becoming fit and strong, whatever your “happy” looks like… there’s always one thing in common: happiness comes after _____ (fill in the blank).

But let’s be serious, that’s not the truth. How many times have you thought that before just to find there was something else you needed later?

Happiness following an event in life is only temporary. Eventually, you’ll find yourself desiring something greater, and then you’ll be happy “when…”

Fill in the blank. ___________

See the pattern?

This pesky little cycle is called “desitnation happiness,” and I am jumping off that train faster than your brain can pick up the spelling typo in this sentence.

If you went back to find it, that means I have your attention, which means you can relate. Which means we have something in common.

So let’s make changes together to live our fullest lives. I’m talkin’ waking up every morning excited for the day ahead of us, and making small, daily efforts to secure our happiness within regardless of what life throws our way.

I want to work creatively, love abundantly, and live comfortably.

If you do, too, then let’s do this together.

Let’s stop daydreaming and start being our ideal selves.

Let’s get up and chase it.